We provide expert repair services for Ecowater brand water treatment equipment. We also install new equipment when necessary. Our primary goal is to solve your water problems and we have 26 years of experience in doing so.


Serving the greater Portland area including Salem and Vancouver. We also service a few other selected brands like Sears and General Electric branded water treatment equipment. We'are extremely knowledgeable about water conditions, especially as it relates to iron treatment.

Not an authorized Ecowater, Sears or General Electric dealer.


We pride ourselves in being able to keep your water treatment equipment in working order. We will never tell you that your equipment needs to be replaced unless it is absolutely necessary. As our longtime customers can attest to, we have all the needed information and knowledge of your system and equipment. This means less service time and lower charges! Some companies quote inflated repair costs in an attempt to sell you new equipment.



We are usually able to arrange for service within 1-5 working days from the time you call. If your equipment requires any periodic servicing, we do that with unfailing reliabilty. Aquadyne sets you up on the computer and calls you during the month that service is due. We do not forget you once you have asked for any periodic service.